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Pride Rock Map - tentative by Morgan-Michele Pride Rock Map - tentative by Morgan-Michele
Okay here's what I got after watching some clips and looking at screenshots last night, lol. I'm still trying to figure out where a few things are, because like I mentioned in the last one, things are not consistent throughout the movie(s). I'm taking a lot of creative liberties here =P

I think I've got most of the main locations at Pride Rock labeled. The one spot I haven't figured out yet was at the very beginning of the movie when Mufasa confronts Scar about missing Simba's presentation. It's really unlikely that that scene happens inside the cave, because that's where we see Sarabi and all of the other lionesses earlier. It wouldn't make sense for Scar to be there with everyone if they all watched the presentation but he didn't. Plus, Scar doesn't seem like he wants to be a part of the pride so it's unlikely that he sleeps in there or anything. I'm thinking there's a smaller cave towards the back, probably on the left side of Pride Rock somewhere. That's the side that Mufasa and Zazu are on when they start walking back after Scar leaves.

I don't really know, lol. There are a couple of spots that I want to zoom in on and do in more detail, so maybe I'll figure out where Scar's little alcove is when I look at this from a different angle.

Any suggestions on where to put things are welcome! This whole map is still a tentative outline, so I could easily shift things around if someone feels like it doesn't make sense.

I do want to mention real quick that a lot of things on here aren't going to be canon. For example, in TLKII, I didn't think it made any sense at all where they put the cave so I moved it to a spot that, geologically, would make more sense for a small cave to be. Here's my first sketch with some notes explaining some things, if you can read them :lol:
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January 22, 2013
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