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ROUGH DRAFT of where things are on Pride Rock by Morgan-Michele ROUGH DRAFT of where things are on Pride Rock by Morgan-Michele
As someone who really likes consistency, especially when it comes to art, I had to do this. I've noticed that in the Lion King, it's not really clear where a lot of the main areas in the Pridelands are. If I'm going to continue to do Lion King fanart (which I know I will,) I want to have a map of where everything is because it puts my mind at ease. I don't like thinking "okay I'm just gonna put this thing is over in this general direction because I think this is where it goes." Nope. I like to know exactly where it is.

I tried looking for some official maps, because it's a movie and I thought they HAD to have a map of the Pridelands. All I found was this [link] and a few other images similar in quality. I can pick out a couple of things, like the gorge is at the bottom there, I think? But everything else is too blurry for me to read/see properly. And I can't even see Pride Rock on that map, and y'know, it's kind of a main setting in the movie :shrug: SOOOO IDK. I also looked around for fanmade maps to see if anyone had the same idea as me. I did find a few, and as great as they were, none of them were detailed enough for my liking ^^; so that put me right back at square 1.

Like the title says, this is a REALLY ROUGH draft of my first "map." Really rough. Seriously, I'm planning on doing full-out illustrations of this place because it's been bothering me that much.

This particular image is just the left side of Pride Rock. I'm going to be doing the right side as well because I have more stuff to put on there (like that ledge Scar was standing on when he tells Simba "not" to go to the Elephant Graveyard.) And I'm going to do an areal view of the entire Pridelands to show where the waterhole(s) are, the gorge, the desert, the outlands, etc. and probably the jungle too because that's a pretty important place as well. But I'm just going to focus on Pride Rock for now and radiate outwards from there.

The handwritten notes are mainly for me to look back on when I clean this drawing up, but if anyone finds them useful/wants to follow them for their own drawings, be my guest. I don't know how much it'll help you at this point though :XD: Sorry if it's hard to read, and sorry if things are spelled wrong. I'm actually really bad at spelling things, especially with hand-written stuff because there's no spellcheck! :noes:

OH! And if anyone else has other ideas of where stuff on Pride Rock is, please feel free to let me know! I'm not really too sure of anything at this point, especially because everything is all messed up from the first movie to the second movie. Things aren't where they should be (like the cave, where is it really???) SO PLEASE let me know if you have other ideas that I could incorporate into this, whether it's for Pride Rock specifically or other locations in/around the Pridelands. It might be fun to collaborate with other people on this :)

Well damn, this was just a spur-of-the-moment decision to draw this little map out, but after typing that whole description I guess it's going to end up being a lot more than that. WELL COOL another project that I might never finish but I'm going to work on anyway :dummy: Oh well, it'll be good scenery practice even if I don't finish it.

comments/critiques/suggestions would be great!
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January 21, 2013
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